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New Bethel House of Prayer has been such a blessing to my family and me.  My husband and I have been members for 8 years!  The ministry is special to me because it is the first church we joined after becoming a union. New Bethel is really one big family ministry, meaning if you have biological family there or not, no worries, the church members will be your family.  We stick together and pray for each other.  We laugh together, cry together, praise together, and worship together.  We have the most amazing leaders.  Our Pastor and First Lady are very integral.  They are trustworthy and loyal people.  They are leaders who don't want to be the face of the church but they want Christ at the center and forefront of the ministry.  It's very evident they genuinely care for each family's well-being.  During the pandemic they especially made it known that they cared, and made sure each member knew we were coming out of this together!  The music and fine arts department are amazing.  This is a ministry that not just the adults, but even the children are on fire for Jesus.  I would recommend to anyone who is looking to increase your faith walk to join my church.  My Pastor preaches faith and we watch things happen!!!!  New Bethel has increased my knowledge in the Word and has opened my eyes to things I never knew about such as the Feast Days.  I wouldn't change anything I've experienced at our church.  We're all a work in progress.  


By: Erin Way

To say that I am grateful for Bishop & First Lady Smith and the NBHOP Ministry is a vast understatement.  Although I always believed in Jesus I did not grow up in church. I originally gave my life to Jesus when I was in my early 20’s; however I did not have an understanding of what it actually meant.


When I walked through the doors of NB in 2009, I was completely broken and needed to know Jesus more than life itself. I had been hurt both in church and the world. However, Bishop Smith never pressured me to join. He simply said let’s pray about it and God will let you know. God did answer that prayer and let me know that New Bethel was my church home.  Through the NBHOP Ministry, God has completely transformed my life beyond my wildest dreams. I use to look for happiness in men and other things. I now have a relationship with Almighty God and my sweet Jesus. I have peace, contentment and a joy that I can’t even put into words.


One piece of advice I would give any new believer is to ask God what church home he has assigned you to. It is of vital importance to your spiritual growth to be under a Bible believing church that will teach you how to apply the word of God to your life. And it is essential to be under non-judgmental leadership that actually lives God's word. Leadership that demonstrates God's love to heal the broken, which is God's will.

By: A. Johnson

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